Lightwave Power, Inc. is a venture capital financed startup that was founded in January 2008 and is developing novel solar energy products based on nanoarrays and 2-dimensional plasmonic and photonic crystal arrays. Four founders with experience in nanoarrays and technology startups are guiding development of the Company. Our lead investor is the Quercus Trust with 21 Ventures participating.

Our technology roadmap includes the development of large area thin sheets of repeating nano- and micro-sized structures that can be designed to absorb, convert, re-emit and guide light. These structures are very thin, are generally fashioned out of common metals and dielectrics and manufactured on flexible substrates using a roll-to-roll process, leading to low manufacturing cost projections.

Our products are being designed to solve the important problem that current solar electric products are too costly for many applications. Lightwave Power filed its first solar energy patent in March 2008.

Lightwave Power currently is co-located with MicroContinuum, Inc. in Cambridge, MA. MicroContinuum has been developing nanoarray technologies for ten years and is making their experience and technology available to Lightwave Power.

Quercus Trust
Lead Investor
321 Ventures